Max Claus


HWY 1 Sunrise

This last Saturday I wanted to catch and photograph the sunrise, something that I rarely do. Usually I enjoy sleeping in like anyone in there 20's. I enjoy the thought of more sleep in a comfy bed. This semester I am taking a business practices and Principles class with the awesome Maria Piscopo, who as been a personal motivational speaker for me these last 2 weeks. One of the best things I have taken away from the class is the thought of setting goals. Everyone already knows thats what we should be doing, especially as a freelancer. I have been doing this but mostly subconsciously. It was never written down I just had an idea and over time I achieved it and never noticed. The main point about goals Maria drove home, is that it isn't just enough to set goal's. You must go out and achieve them. So to get into the habit, I set a mini goal for myself, wake up before sunrise and shoot. I decided to shoot the part of my favorite sections of High Way 1 while making my way down to Bolinas to meet up with some friends and surf. Below I attached this song by Whitney it seamed to fit the California road trip adventure vibe. Turn on the music and take a look at some pics. 

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